Welcome To Nailz App

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Welcome To Nailz App

We have been in the beauty industry for about 20 years. In the 20 years experience as a technician of almost a dozen saloons. what I came to find out is that most salons are still using the traditional way of writing down appointments by picking up phone calls, that is because a salon manager costs about six thousand dollars. To most salon, that is
considered too expensive.

So Recently, I have developed an app for the smartphone. The app is an online management system with upgraded features and capabilities. Its built to be easy to use and for everyone convenience at the cost of an app.

One of the advantages of having an app as a manager is that technicians can individually sign in at the time of their arrival to each salon or location on their smartphones to let their client know their availability. Technicians and Salon can upload and share videos and pictures for each service.

As for clients, each client can select, search, or add a salon of their choosing to book appointments online. Clients can also prepay for
selected services. Finally, Clients can rate and share the experience/impressions they had of the atmosphere of each salon or beautician.

App Features

Online payment system

Digital records for tax purposes

Rating list of experience

Price list and cost of services

Work At Your Leisure

Online Appointment Scheduling

How It Works

Features and Capabilities

  • Sharing capability
  • Rating capability
  • Word of mouth communication for valued technicians and vendors
  • Save trees and paperless mail (GO GREEN)
  • Proof of income
  • Price list and cost of services
  • As for technicians free scheduling
  • Pick your own hours (incase of kids and elderly parents)
  • Picking kids up from school and extra curriculum activities
  • online appointment scheduling
  • Work at your leisure
  • Time for spouse, partners and significant others
  • Digital records for tax purposes

Our Capabilities

  • To navigate clientele and tourists to quality salons at 4 stars in the area.
  • Convenient to look up and locate certain familiar technicians
  • Able to look up trends and each technician especially in specific design
  • Elite teams of services and valuable insightful on experiences and rating with charisma
  • Book appointments at your finger tips instead of calling and communicate through the phone (scheduling at your finger tips)
  • Online prepaid rather than stumbling for cash or credit cards when alter needs are just been done (conveniences)
  • Able to prepaid for select services
  • Prepaid accounts online rather than losing gift paper certificates

Available on both IOS and Andriod